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Website development and SEO

We solve the tasks of modern business - create sites and online stores that successfully sell your goods and services on the Internet. We know how to develop and effectively promote SEO sites in Ukraine and abroad.
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Our services
Our team implements any tasks: creating sites of various complexity (business card sites, landing pages, corporate sites of companies, and online stores), promoting sites on the Internet, removing the site from filters, or setting up web analytics.
Wordpress Development
We create websites and online stores based on one of the most popular CMS in the world. A Wordpress site will allow you to easily and quickly populate, change and edit the content that your customers will see. Promotion specialists mark this service as "seo-friendly", that is, goods and services posted on such a site find their buyers on the Internet more easily and quickly.
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Custom Website Development
Custom website development is the most popular service among our clients, because it is simple, fast and profitable. The advantage of this type of cooperation is that at the time of delivery you receive a ready-made site that does not need further refinements. We listen to your idea and help you implement it: we analyze your target audience, develop a unique site design taking into account their requests and create it in accordance with all criteria for effective promotion.
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Ecommerce Development
Creating an online store is a key moment in the development of your business. 93% of any goods or services can be ordered online, which is why most of today's customers look for them there. Your own website will help you find more new customers and establish more effective interaction with existing partners.
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SEO Website Promotion
To make your website work and bring more profit, engaging in its internal and external optimization is necessary. Effective website promotion on the Internet allows you to expand your business opportunities and increase its competitiveness among others. Our specialists know how to make search engines like your site and raise it in the search results.
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What we work with
Google Analytics
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We create projects of various complexity and subject matter, are always open to new ideas, and will be happy to help you implement your goals quickly.
charon development result

Client: Charon

Task: create a site for a funeral service that takes the dead out of Europe.

Team: designer, WordPress developer, SEO specialist

briton development result

Client: Briton

Task: create a landing page for taking retail orders for a specific region.

Team: web developer

strilchuktrans development result

Client: Strilchuk Trans

Task: create a website on CMS WordPress for a logistics company.

Team:WordPress developer

chesnisteli development result

Client: Fair ceilings

Task: landing page development to increase conversion.

Team: web developer, seo specialist

What are we doing?
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Development and sites creation

Creating websites from scratch is one of the most important stages of your business development. Depending on your needs, a business card site, an online store, or a corporate website allows you to attract more customers, increase sales and increase brand recognition in Ukraine and abroad.

We will help develop a unique design, create a site and build an effective strategy for promoting your resource on the Internet. When ordering the service, everything will happen according to the following plan:

  1. We discuss the project, listen to your wishes, analyze the niche, and prepare the terms of reference for implementation.
  2. Design development, site creation and content filling. This also includes a search engine under development.
  3. Testing and placement of the site on the Internet (hosting).
As a result, you get an optimized site to attract new customers and increase sales of your goods and services online.

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SEO website promotion

SEO website promotion is an effective tool for promoting your business online. With its help, you can raise your site in the Google ranking and get an increase in organic traffic (the number of visitors to your site who can become your customers in the future). This is an additional channel for attracting new customers, increasing the visibility of your resource, and boosting sales.

SEO promotion includes a set of measures for internal and external site optimization. This allows you to increase your position in search results and create a site that is more accessible to the target audience. This is because our specialists will analyze the technical condition of your resource, its content, the quality and number of external links to your site, etc., and will offer an effective SEO strategy for the promotion of the site, online store, or landing page.

Ready to discuss your project?

The cost of creating a website will depend on your requirements for the future project. This is influenced by factors such as the functionality's complexity, the number of pages, the uniqueness of the design, etc. The cost of development varies depending on the type of required resource (landing, business card site, online store or corporate site). The creation also includes design development (unique or ready-made template) and content on the site (texts/pictures, videos) - you can provide it yourself or order it from us. You can find out how much it costs to create a site and the cost of seo promotion from our manager after discussing all the details of the project.

You can consult our experts if you don't know what kind of website is right for your business. Depending on the subject matter and tasks of the future website, we can recommend the creation of a landing page, corporate website, or online store.

If you are planning to develop an online platform for selling goods or services, it is better to ensure its success and profitability in advance. Seo promotion will allow you to optimize your resource and make them more attractive to customers and search engines. For owners of an existing but not very recognizable business, SEO promotion allows them to identify existing errors in the promotion strategy and adjust it to customer requests, search engine algorithms, etc.

The time it takes to develop a website depends on it's complexity: on average, it takes 7-10 days to develop a simple business card or landing page, 20-30 days to develop a corporate multi-page website, and 40-45 days to create an online store.

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