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E-commerce Development

We create online stores, integrate all the necessary modules and functions that attract new users and encourage them to convert. We improve the operation of online stores, connect payment systems and simplify the process of interaction with buyers to increase sales growth.

What tasks does Ecommerce Development solve?

Increase conversions. The presence of an online store always increases sales volumes, because modern life is hard to imagine without online stores. Your competitors know this and actively use it.
Increase in sales market. You don't need to be tied down to the location of a physical store, online shopping covers much more. Attract customers to your online resource from all over the country and even from abroad.
Round-the-clock availability. The online store works 24/7, customers can make a purchase at any time. Agree, it is much more profitable than being tied to the office in the mode "from 9:00 to 18:00".

What includes quality Ecommerce Development?

Design that sells
The concept of a "beautiful" online store is quite relative. Your site should not only be liked by users but also be convenient to use. To motivate the client to act, you should understand what he needs and how to implement it. DevRedo specialists know how to create an online store that sells. For this, we use the knowledge of modern web design requirements and apply them to the successful development of your project.
Uninterrupted work
All pages and functions of the site must be constantly available to customers. If any of these do not work or take a long time to load, the user will not waste time and will use the services of your competitors. Therefore, it is better to entrust the development of an online store to specialists who ensure its stable operation. We take care of the selection of reliable hosting, the choice of a convenient CMS, and the technical support of the finished site.
Convenient search and order
A very important stage of creating an online store is the development of the architecture of the future resource - thoughtful navigation, search, and sorting of goods by category, convenient addition of purchases to the cart, etc. The product needed by the client should be easily available, accessible and well-described. To win the trust of customers and make them want to purchase from you, you should also take care of the high-quality content of the site. This includes a detailed description of the product or service, clear photos, and an up-to-date price.
Marketing tools
To attract new users to the site and encourage regular customers to make new purchases, you need to use marketing tools. these are: advertising campaigns in social networks, seo-promotion, contextual advertising, mailing by e-mail, promotions and sales on the site. The marketing plan for the further development of the Internet resource should be thought out in advance and regularly implemented.

What options for Ecommerce Development do we offer

We offer an individual plan for the development of online sales platforms for each client, based on the needs and specifics of his field of activity. Our specialists will help implement the following options for the development of the online store:

  • online shop-showcase, which contains a small number of products and does not involve ordering through the site. In this case, communication with the client takes place through the feedback form, he leaves his number, and the manager personally calls back and specifies the details of the order.
  • a full-fledged online store with a product catalog and a shopping cart for ordering products directly on the website. It may also contain a personal user account with a history of previous purchases or tracking the status of current orders.

Full Service Ecommerce Development

Creating an online store is an important stage of building a successful business in modern conditions. The competition in the field of trade is huge, and a physical office that would work according to the schedule from 9-00 to 18-00 is not enough to keep the buyer. Internet trade is becoming more and more popular every day, because it is a necessary representation of a company in the network, which provides its services 24 hours a day without breaks and weekends. The development of an online store can increase the profit of various types of businesses and may require:

  • new companies that are just starting their activities and do not have a physical office;
  • large organizations that want to expand sales markets and try themselves in new areas of activity;
  • entrepreneurs who want to increase sales through online trading;
  • companies that plan to enter the international market and attract customers from all over the world.

Why should you order Ecommerce Development?

Online shopping is an integral part of our daily life, most users prefer online ordering to regular shopping trips. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not lose such a convenient tool of interaction with customers as e-commerce.

If you still doubt why you should order the development of an online store, here are some advantages of cooperation with us:

  • adequate price of site development and promotion;
  • thoughtful design that encourages customers to make purchases;
  • a convenient site management system, content editing or adding new products;
  • basic seo-optimization of sites at the development stage, which accelerates the further development of the project;
  • technical support and communication with the client at all stages of development, making changes in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Creating an online store takes business to a new level and opens perspectives that were previously unavailable. Don't give competitors a chance to bypass you, develop your business.

The cost of Ecommerce Development in Ukraine

Most entrepreneurs refuse to create their websites because the cost of developing an online store seems too high. However, you should understand what you are paying for and what such investments will bring you in the long run.

The price of creating an online store depends on the complexity of the tasks you set before starting development. The more complex and elaborate functionality you want to see on your site, the more expensive its implementation will be. However, you should not save on this. The number of purchases directly depends on the convenience and accessibility of your online store, so you should take care of the quality of development in advance.

FAQ about Ecommerce Development

The terms of creating an online store depend on the complexity of the technical task and the requirements put forward by the customer: functionality, structure and content of the site. On average, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to develop an online store (excluding the work of a designer).

The cost of developing an online store also depends on the complexity of the future project and the number of specialists involved in its creation. Prices for the development of an online store start at 15 thousand hryvnias and increase according to the complexity of implementing the necessary functionality.

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