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SEO Website Promotion

The DevRedo studio offers comprehensive SEO promotion and optimization of sites that improve the visibility of your resource on the Internet. Our task is to increase organic traffic and conversion on the site with the help of seo tools. For each client, we develop individual promotion strategies that allow us to bring the site to the top zone of search engines.

How we do SEO for website step-by-step

Project goals. Analysis of the project, determination of the main goals and ways to achieve them
Analysis of competitors. Researching the niche and main competitors of your resource
Development of seo promotion strategy. Based on the analysis of your resource and its competitors, we develop a promotion strategy
Setting up web analytics. We install and configure analytics systems for specific purposes
Site optimization. Analysis of the technical condition of the site and its content. Compilation of the technical task for error correction
Regular reporting. Monthly report on the work performed, the dynamics of the growth of key queries, the volume of organic traffic and the position of the site in search engines

More than 90% of users search for goods or services using Google. As can be seen from this figure, search engine optimization is an important factor in business development and attracting new customers. A competently built and implemented seo strategy for site promotion guarantees stable growth and consolidation of your resource on the first positions of search results (top-10 and top-5 Google).

What is SEO and how does it works?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. In essence, this is a set of measures for internal and external optimization of the site, aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines. High positions in search results directly affect the number of visitors to your site and the conversions they make. To achieve good seo results, specialists can use various tools: filling the site with useful content, technical optimization or increasing the link mass of the site.

Development of websites on the Internet is a fairly popular service, which is suitable not only for those who are just creating a website, but also for old resources that do not bring the expected result. For each project, we develop an individual SEO promotion plan aimed at ensuring that your website appears as high as possible in Google search results for relevant search queries.

The main criteria for successful SEO promotion

If you have ever been interested in seo-promotion of sites, tried to bring your site to the top of Google yourself or turned to specialists for promotion on the Internet, you have probably seen a long list of unclear recommendations or search engine optimization checklists. All of them contain approximately the same list of points that should be paid attention to, but not all of them are clear to the average user or even the owner of a business who has decided to engage in its development on the Internet. We offer to analyze the main criteria of successful seo promotion, to learn what it is and how they affect the growth of your site's positions in search results.

  1. Keywords and queries. The collection of the semantic core, its clustering and the selection of keywords is a set of words that can be found in any seo-audit of the site, and what do they mean? To understand this, let's remember how we search for something on the Internet. First of all, we enter the query we need into the search engine, and based on this query, Google gives us a list of sites that match this query. These are the keywords contained in the user's query and the information on the sites that the search engine pulls up. The greater the match between the request and the site content, the more likely your resource will be offered to the user.
  2. Unique and interesting content. To what extent the content of the site should meet user requests, we have figured out, but what about its quality and uniqueness? Search engines have algorithms that determine which information is more suitable to display to users. To get to the top of the search results, you need unique and useful content. Google monitors copied text, video, or images and will always rank them lower than actual content that is interesting and useful to people.
  3. Quality internal optimization. Internal seo-optimization should be understood as a technical refinement of the site and correction of existing errors, which are also ranking factors in search results. This includes:
    • addition of metatags title and description (title and description that are displayed when searching for sites);
    • URL settings (page addresses should be easy to read and understand);
    • canonical addresses (rel = "canonical");
    • convenient and clear navigation, easy way to order/purchase on the website;
    • acceleration of site loading and operation, etc.
  4. External website optimization. An important component of seo promotion is the increase in the link mass of the site, that is, the number of resources that will contain a mention or link to your site. However, the main thing is not the number of external links, but their quality. The relevance of the topic and the authority of the resource that links to your site are taken into account.

Who should order SEO promotion?

The best option would be to think about optimizing the site at the stage of its development, then it will be possible to minimize the number of errors and the time to correct them. In addition, the faster a search promotion strategy is thought out and implemented, the faster your resource will appear and be fixed on the first pages of search results.

It also makes sense to think about seo promotion in such cases:

  • you plan to expand your business, attract new customers and partners;
  • your site does not bring the desired result, the number of visitors and orders has decreased, and you do not understand why.

Our team of seo specialists will help to cope with the difficulties that may arise and increase the ranking of your resource on the Internet. To receive a free audit of the site to identify problems and ways to solve them, leave a request on the site.

Advantages and disadvantages of search engine promotion

If you are interested in the seo promotion service but are still hesitating about whether it is worth ordering it, we suggest taking a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of search promotion.


  • competently planned and implemented seo-optimization will contribute to the growth of search positions and placement of the site at the top of Google results;
  • an increase in organic traffic (the number of visitors from search results) will contribute to the growth of orders through the site;
  • the more often your site appears on the first pages of search results, the more your brand will be recognized, which in turn increases user loyalty.


  • search optimization is a long process that does not give results immediately after the start of work. If they promise you otherwise, it's just a scam to get money. The first positive changes (increase in positions or conversions) can be observed after 4-6 months of working with the site;
  • SEO promotion requires regular investment. The purchase of links to the site, for example, takes place according to a planned schedule, and skipping this point due to a lack of budget will immediately negatively affect the result.

Search Engine Optimization Process

We have already mentioned above that SEO promotion is a rather long complex of work that includes many stages. Among them:

  • studying the niche and competitors;
  • full site audit;
  • a collection of semantics;
  • internal site optimization;
  • external optimization and work with links.

To better understand how seo promotion takes place, we offer a closer look at each of the stages.

  1. Niche and competitor research. Specialists in search engine optimization analyze the most successful sites of the same subject to find the most effective methods of work of competitors. Also, such an analysis helps to find new sources of traffic and attract new customers to the site.
  2. Detailed site audit. Technical audit and checking the usability of a website (convenience and accessibility) is an important stage of SEO optimization. They allow you to understand the state of the resource, what errors there are, and how to fix them.
  3. Collection of SYA. The semantic core allows you to select key queries most relevant to your resource, by which users will find your site.
  4. Internal SEO optimization. It includes work with both site content (unique text, images and videos) and meta tags. At this stage, they also work with the structure of the project and the links between the internal pages of the site.
  5. External search optimization. The selection of third-party donor resources that will contain links to your site is a very important stage of SEO promotion, without it it is quite difficult to get a good result. It is necessary to develop a gradual schedule of increasing the reference mass from verified sources of the relevant subject. If the incoming links are of poor quality (spam or prohibited topics) or published too harshly, search engines may perceive this negatively and instead of the desired result, on the contrary, lower the rating of your resource. Therefore, it is better to entrust the increase in referral mass to specialists in SEO promotion.


SEO promotion is an optional but desirable stage in the development of your business on the Internet, which greatly simplifies the search for potential customers. An optimized site will always rank better and appear at the top of search results, making it easier for users to find it and make a purchase.

The cost of search promotion is an individual thing and is calculated for each project separately. It depends on the complexity of the project, the level of competition in the given niche and region. In addition, it is worth considering at what stage you decided to develop the site, seo promotion at the development stage will be much cheaper than optimizing an old resource with a lot of errors.

It is worth noting that SEO promotion is not a one-time job, but a constant process of maintaining high positions in search results. Algorithms and trends of search engines are constantly changing, to which you need to adapt your site, while competitors do not stand still either. The first results of the search promotion of the site will be visible after a few months, depending on the competition in your field of activity and the spent budget.

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