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CMS WordPress Development

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world, as every fourth site on the Internet runs on this engine. You can also build your own website on WordPress. We will help you develop and maintain sites of any complexity and subject matter: from service sites to corporate sites for a Woocommerce online store.

Advantages of CMS WordPress Development

WordPress has a simple and easy-to-understand administration panel, which even a beginner can easily understand. With its help, you can easily make changes to the site.
02 accessibility
Wordpress is completely free, and most of the necessary plugins and themes are also freely available. In addition, this platform is search engine friendly and easy to optimize.
This is a popular cms that is supported by all hosting. Many developers make sites on this engine, so you will find the right artist for your orders without any problems.

Which sites are better to develop on Wordpress?

This engine is universal and suitable for the development of almost any project. WordPress sites are easy to optimize and rank high in search results. In addition, if properly configured, they are quite fast and user-friendly.

Corporate sites on WordPress
All successful companies sooner or later decide to create a corporate website. It helps to establish the right interaction with users, better presents your company and expands the market reach of potential customers.
Studio's or personal website
Tell about your activities with the help of the site, and focus on your services with the help of your site. A resource available to clients 24/7 can be a profitable alternative to a physical office and perform many marketing functions.
Personal or news blog
If you want to start a news blog or create a personal website, WordPress is the perfect solution for you.
Woocommerce Online store
With the help of a popular e-commerce plugin, you can create your online store on WordPress. With its help, you can easily add new products to the site and monitor sales statistics.

WordPress development process

Development begins with an introduction to your business, where we listen to your ideas and suggest ways to implement them. For this purpose, we study the specifics of your business, your main competitors, and your target audience.
Technical Specification
After getting acquainted with your project, we will develop a technical task for our team of specialists. Technical Specification is, in fact, a step-by-step guide to turning your idea into reality.
Design development
Visual design is an important part of your company's presentation. Your site should match the style and features of your business as much as possible. We will also help with the text content of the site.
Page Layout and Programming
The next stage will be the website layout according to the template developed by the designer and the tension on WordPress cms. Our developers will customize the appearance and help with the organization and storage of data.
Before running the project, we must check it for errors. Testing will allow us to detect and correct any inaccuracies in the functionality or display of the resource on different devices or operating systems in time.
We offer our clients a full development cycle and assistance in promoting a WordPress website. A competent optimization plan allows you to easily bypass competitors and get high positions in search results in the first months after launch.

Order CMS Wordpress development in Ukraine and abroad

Are you planning to order a WordPress site to sell goods or services online? DevRedo studio will help realize your ideas. We develop sites on this engine, and offer our clients:

  • an adaptive home page according to your unique design, which will be displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets;
  • configuration of custom fields, with which you can easily and conveniently enter or change content on the site through the administrative panel;
  • seo-optimization of sites on WordPress, which will greatly facilitate their further promotion on the Internet.

We will also help you with the installation and configuration of additional functionality, such as the connection of payment systems, an online consultant, feedback forms, etc.

You can order a wordpress site using the form on the site, or simply request a consultation through any convenient messenger specified in the contacts. There you can clarify all the details and nuances related to the development for free.


Wordpress is one of the most popular engines for creating websites for a reason, and it has many advantages. You should choose WordPress development for the following reasons:

  • it is an accessible free platform, so the cost of development on it is much lower than using frameworks;
  • a large number of plugins and themes that make it much easier to work with the site;
  • easy optimization and promotion, search engines "love" wordpress, so you will have no problems with seo optimization.

The cost of website development always depends on the complexity of the planned project, the number of pages and the required functionality. The price also includes design development, filling and optimization. On average, creating a site on wordpress will cost you $500-$4,000.

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