How to become a successful SEO specialist

Every person has a gadget, the Internet and access to various information – these are the things that are indispensable in today’s world. As a result, all brands, stores, companies are popular in this rapidly growing environment. SEO is an important way to communicate with Google and other search engines to increase the relevance of your site to users and their searches. In this article, we tell you what the work of an SEO specialist is and its features.

Where does a beginner in SEO start?

SEO optimization is not the easiest to understand, but with some effort you can become an excellent expert in this field.

It cannot be overstated how influential a brand or business’ online presence can be. This is a must if you’re running a predominantly online business where you need to get clicks to succeed. Specialists work on the internal structure of the site, fill pages with keywords, and also try to effectively send online traffic to the client’s platform.

Newbies in SEO should understand how to optimize sites for search engines and reveal the full potential of a web resource, increasing opportunities to communicate with buyers.

In addition to basic knowledge, the necessary skills for a future specialist will be:

  • understanding of the basics of Internet marketing and advertising;
  • copywriting experience;
  • development of unique strategies for site promotion.

What skills should an SEO specialist possess?

One of the main tasks for search engine optimization specialists is to transform the data we have into a useful business strategy. Organic traffic, potential customers, conversions, offers are important data that every future expert needs to work with.

Indispensable advantages of each specialist are:

Understanding keywords and content planning.

Using the right keywords, meta tags, and unique content greatly increases your chances of winning market competition and getting better rankings in Google and other systems. By studying the search results of customer requests, you can quantify your potential reach and understand the preferences of your users.

Unique promotion strategy.

It is extremely valuable for a business to have a website that generates good organic traffic and has a clear strategy to achieve this. An excellent bonus will be the understanding of an SEO specialist in working with links, directories and forums. It is a process in digital marketing that aims to generate as many inbound links as possible for your site.

Knowledge and ability to use various tools.

It’s important to be well versed in the various tools to help you promote, as they are the ones that have the information you need. It is also important to constantly monitor the development of this industry. New algorithms of search engines are released regularly and to be aware of all changes is the most important thing.

What are the duties of an SEO employee?

  1. Use smart on-page placement tactics of tags, keywords, internal links, clean URLs.
  2. Increase website visibility in search engines, which ultimately leads to increased traffic and sales.
  3. Monitor new algorithms and adapt the site to them.
  4. Analyze the competitors’ market and its actions.
  5. Conduct Audit and Analysis of site usability.

What is the salary of an seo specialist?

The salary of an SEO specialist can vary depending on his skills and abilities, namely: knowledge of the English language, work experience and portfolio.

A SEO novice can earn up to 5 thousand hryvnias, but with constant improvement of work, learning new skills and information, his salary can exceed the level of 10 thousand hryvnias.

An experienced specialist, seoshnik-senior, on freelance projects earns a minimum of 30 thousand hryvnias and more.

SEO professionals fall into several different categories, but the general salary and benefits for this job remain the same: they all make a lot of money by being competent in the field.

How to become an SEO specialist and get your first job?

1. Take SEO courses.

The fastest way to learn SEO at any level is to take official courses. There are many platforms, both paid and free, from which you can choose the option that suits you best. It would be a great idea to try to develop the site of a friend or relative, and test your skills in practice. You can also attend webinars and offline courses where there are many interesting people who have important knowledge.

2. Work with tools

On the Internet you will find a bunch of important tools for work with SEO promotion of the site. First, you need to learn Google Analytics, Serpstat, Semrush, with which you can quickly get the information you need and monitor the success of your platform.

3. Don’t be afraid to learn new things.

The SEO industry is constantly changing. This means that you always have the opportunity to learn something new. But if you want to stay ahead, we recommend studying trends and novelties, adding creativity to your work and not being afraid to experiment. Try, learn and earn!

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