Development and sites creation

Our task is to create a site that develops business and increases profits. High-quality development is implemented with the help of modern technologies and many years of experience of our team. We offer simple administration tools that automate the process of working with the site, making it simple and understandable for the average user. You can order the creation of a turnkey website directly on the website or by phone.
How do we work?
Market research

Defining project goals

Analysis of TA and competitors

Building a site development strategy

Individual style

Nice selling site design

Clear interface

An easy form of interaction with customers

Focus on the result

Making amendments according to your wishes

Development of functionality according to the needs of the customer

Support and enhancement of the site after the handover

Development of sites of any complexity

A convenient and affordable online platform for the sale of goods for services, which will expand the possibilities of your business. Unlike regular stores, an online store is always available to customers at any time of the day. The range of sales of your goods will not be limited to a district or region, but will include the entire country.

A corporate website is the official page of your business on the Internet. With its help, customers will be able to find you and learn more about the goods or services you sell. A beautiful, well-organized company website will help you better present your business to a wide range of people, make your brand recognizable and attract new customers, partners, and even employees.

A landing page is a separate page of your company on the Internet, the main purpose of which is to turn site visitors into profitable customers. It is created for marketing and advertising purposes and is designed to favorably represent your goods or services, encouraging the visitor to purchase on your site.

Promo site - a small online resource consisting of one or more pages that provides information about your company, services, or products. It is designed to tell as best as possible about what the company does, what services it provides, and how to get them. A business card website can be a great advertising tool and your 24/7 office that attracts new customers online.

Completion of the project includes improving the appearance, technical functionality and bringing it into line with modern requirements for Internet resources. This service may be needed if the site's functionality is not working correctly, the site is poorly displayed on various gadget screens, and site's usability does not meet modern customer requests.

Maintenance - this is a set of measures aimed at supporting the stable operation of the site and prompt resolution of problems in the event of their occurrence. The presence and correct operation of all functions on the site directly affects the level of sales, so it is so important to ensure that everything remains in working order. Our specialists will help to timely identify and eliminate shortcomings in the operation of the site, optimize it for modern seo promotion requirements, and update the text or visual content of your resource.

How the cost of website development is formed

The cost of development is one of the main criteria that affect the client's decision to order a site or not. The price of creating a website depends on many factors, first of all, whether it is a template solution or a unique full-cycle development.

To answer the question "How much does it cost to create a website?", it is necessary to take into account many important points:

01. Domain name and hosting. Before starting to create a site, you should choose the platform on which it will be located and the domain name that users will enter to find your resource on the Internet.

02. Analysis of the client's needs and design. Before starting the development of the site, it is necessary to outline the range of future work, analyze which solution is best suited for this or that project.

03. Development of a unique design or selection of a ready-made template. It is necessary to think over the appearance and content of each page of the future site. The more they are, the more expensive their drawing will cost.

04. Website layout and programming. This is one of the most important stages of creating a website, which involves writing the code of each web page according to a pre-designed design.

05. Filling the site with content. An interesting informative text that tells about the company or services, beautiful photos of products, or video presentation of services always influence the success of the site development and contribute to increasing customer loyalty. Our specialists will help with the selection or placement of quality content for your resource.

06. Testing and maintaining the site. Before launching the project, we must test it to identify and fix all possible errors. After handing over the plot, you will also not be left alone with a new management system for you. The specialists of our company will be happy to instruct you and answer all technical questions that are unclear to you.

Website development in Ukraine and abroad

Full-service website development is a complex process that includes all stages from the emergence of an idea to the launch of a finished project and does not require independent refinement by the customer. This type of service is convenient and profitable for the customer since all stages are performed by one contractor and you will not need to worry about:

  • search for contractors to perform various stages of work;
  • adjustment of the work of various specialists when transferring a project from one to another;
  • site filling and optimization;
  • support and promotion of the finished site.

The DevRedo studio includes specialists from various fields: designers, developers, seo specialists, and marketers who will help create a profitable site of various orientations in Ukraine and abroad.

Complex website development

If you do not want to understand the technical and marketing intricacies of creating sites, complex web development or "turnkey site" will suit you. This approach will give you a ready working resource for business development and finding new clients.

This service includes:

  • drawing up a technical task taking into account the wishes of the customer and the needs of his business;
  • choice of hosting and domain name;
  • web design and its implementation (layout and programming);
  • content filling;
  • connection of analytics and site optimization.

FAQ about website development

Full service website development - this is a comprehensive service that includes development, addition of the site and its further promotion on the Internet.

The process of creating a site includes: preparatory analysis of the customer's needs and analysis of its target audience, design development, layout and programming, filling the site with content, optimization and further promotion of the site on the Internet.

The cost of creating a website depends on the complexity of the future project, the required functionality and the needs of the customer. A simple promo site is faster and cheaper than an online store with many products. The price of each project is calculated individually depending on the complexity of the future work and the involvement of various specialists.

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