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Ordering a site that will bring profit is one of the key points of running a modern business. We offer complex solutions for our clients: analysis of the target audience, formation of a website promotion strategy, development of a unique design, creation of sites of various complexity and their promotion on the Internet.

Website Development

Rapid development and expansion of business in modern realities are impossible only in physical space. E-commerce allows you to compete and sell your goods and services more successfully online. Therefore, ordering a website for a company or an entrepreneur means getting an effective tool for finding buyers, clients, and partners. You can order from us:

  • site-business card of the company;
  • development of sites on Wordpress;
  • creating an online store (clothing/jewelry/electronics, etc.);
  • layout of sites from scratch;
  • development of the landing page;
  • hotel/restaurant/cafe site.
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SEO and promotion

Site promotion and SEO allow you to increase organic traffic (number of visitors) to your site and improve its position in search results. Increasing the visibility of the resource, in turn, will allow users to quickly find your site among many competitors and buy your goods or services. SEO, i.e. search engine optimization, is a complex of work (both internal and external). We offer the following seo promotion services:

  • SERP promotion;
  • promotion of the site with articles;
  • promotion of sites abroad;
  • developing an SEO strategy to promote the site;
  • placement in Google My Business and on Google Maps;
  • link building.
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UX/UI design

The unique appearance of the resource and corporate style will help you not only stand out among competitors, but also get more income. A thoughtful and attractive site design better attracts the attention of customers and makes the purchase of your product or service clear and accessible. A well-presented product, a beautiful description, and a clear form of purchase attract more buyers, which in turn increases sales on the site. The creative specialists of our company will help you develop a unique design for a shopping site. We also offer:

  • redesign of the site;
  • landing design;
  • development of the design of the online store;
  • individual site design;
  • logo design.

Website content filling

The content of the site, i.e. the content in the form of text, images, and videos on the site, has a significant impact on its success. The relevance of information, its availability, readability and usefulness for the user directly affect the general impression of the company and encourage him to take action. That is why it is so important to monitor the quality of site content and entrust this matter to professionals. We offer the following services:

  • copywriting;
  • rewriting (increasing the uniqueness of the text);
  • audit of content (content) on the site;
  • translation and localization of texts on the site.
How do we work?
Marketing planning.
After discussing the details of the order, its goals and your personal wishes, our specialists will conduct market research. It includes: study of business features, analysis of the target audience and its needs, as well as modern trends in the development of this topic.
Compilation of the technical task.
With the results of the market research and TA in hand, you can start developing the concept and well-thought-out structure of the site. It will include: a description of the requirements for the design of the future site and the definition of its functionality.
Design development.
At this stage, our specialists are engaged in creating an individual style of the site and developing layouts of the Main page and all typical pages on the site. If necessary, the old content of the resource is revised or redesign.
Adaptive page layout, programming.
The developer builds the site according to a previously created layout, adapts it for better display on all available devices (PC, phone, tablet). After that, the layout is "stretched" to the desired CMS and the functionality is refined according to the technical specifications.
Content and checking the site for errors.
Text, images and videos provided or ordered from us by the client are added to the site. Before starting, the resource is additionally checked for errors and, if necessary, corrected.
Optimization and hosting.
We carry out basic seo optimization and additionally configure the site's web analytics, after which we place the finished site on hosting.
What will you get?
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Custom website development

Today, your website is an integral part of successful interaction with clients and partners. Therefore, website development is an important stage of building an effective company development strategy. Only high-quality content, interesting design and convenient functionality on the site can interest users and turn your resource into a profitable marketing tool. We understand the importance of all stages of development, from analyzing the needs of the target audience to bringing the finished product to the market, so we are ready to offer our customers a ready-made turnkey site that will fully satisfy your needs.

Search engine promotion specialists will help you optimize your site to increase its visibility on the Internet. Our SEO team will help your project firmly establish itself in the first lines of Google search results.

Favorable conditions for creating sites image

Favorable conditions for creating sites

One of the main advantages of our company is transparent and affordable conditions of cooperation. We value our reputation, so we are interested in developing a quality product that will be the best advertisement for our services. Because of this, we guarantee:

  • maximum compliance with the customer's requests. We create sites based on the personal wishes of the customer and the recommendations of experienced marketers.
  • technical support of the site after delivery. Our specialists will not leave you to deal with the site on your own after the project is completed. We are always ready to help you understand all the complicated technical aspects.
  • saving time and money. It is much more profitable to order the design, development, and content of the site from one team than from different specialists separately. We work quickly, harmoniously, and qualitatively.
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A comprehensive approach to development

A well-coordinated team of specialists always works faster and better than several individual freelancers. Working in a team, we see the whole picture of the finished project and do not waste the customer's time and money at various stages of work. All this allows us to create a site that fully meets the customer's needs and will work as a reliable marketing tool. It can be either a simple website or a complex multifunctional online store, but in any case, our work will be done quickly and efficiently.

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