Landing Page Development

A landing page is a one-page website, the main task of which is to encourage the user to take targeted action. This action can be a purchase with payment, placing an order, or receiving customer data for further processing by the manager. We design landing pages and build one-page sites to increase conversions which users like and bring profit to owners.

Landing page from DevRedo

We create fast and optimized landing pages that meet the requirements of Google PageSpeed Insights as much as possible.
Landing page responsiveness directly affects sales performance. We will make sure that your site is displayed correctly on all devices and in all browsers.
We develop landing pages that users like. Carefully thought-out design and convenient navigation simplify the user's journey to purchase or place an order.

What landing pages do we develop?

Page for receiving applications
Landing is a convenient tool for communication with potential customers. The thoughtful design encourages users to leave their contacts using the form on the site. You can also include your contact information on the page to make it easier for customers to contact you.
A small online store
You can order a landing page that will act as an online store. On the site, you can place a small number of products and a simplified order form.
Corporate promo site
A landing page can also be an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and user engagement. On the website, you can post information about the company and the services you provide.
Marketing tool
With the help of a landing page, you can improve the interaction with customers, it will be easier for them to find and buy your products or services.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a one-page site whose main purpose is to encourage the user to take a certain action:

  • buy goods;
  • order a service;
  • leave contact details;
  • subscribe to the newsletter, etc.

Landing pages are completely "sharpened" for this action, so their structure is built in such a way that the customer does not leave the page without making a purchase. This ensures fast and voluminous conversion right after launch.

Landing page creation

One of the directions of our work is the development and creation of landing pages that allow you to quickly and reliably increase conversion. To drive a user to a targeted action, a landing page should contain the following components:

  • modern and thoughtful design;
  • serviceable, clear functionality;
  • useful and unique content (texts, photos, videos);
  • an effective call to action.

Who should order landing page development?

A company's landing page should have a clear goal and perform a certain set of tasks. It is worth ordering a landing page for the following purposes:

  • increasing orders/sales of services or goods. For this, the site should focus on a certain service or product, talk about it's advantages and the fastest way to get them.
  • collecting contacts of potential customers. The Company may order a landing page to collect user contact data for further processing and promotion of its services.
  • for announcements about events or promotions. With the help of a landing page, you can familiarize users with future company events: concerts, exhibitions, webinars, or the launch of an online course. Ads with a landing page allow you to attract the attention of a large number of users and increase the recognition of the organization.

Still on the fence about ordering a landing page? Here are some of the benefits of developing landing pages with DevRedo:

  • a well-designed and valid landing page will allow you to significantly increase volume and sales;
  • unique design will increase company recognition;
  • a simple path from familiarization with the product and service to the order will encourage users to use your services;
  • adapted for all modern devices, the page will be attractively displayed both on a computer screen and on a smartphone;
  • high loading speed and full optimization for the requirements of search engines will allow you to overtake your competitors.

Do you plan to increase sales or learn more about customers? We are ready to help with this and create a landing page that will meet modern requirements of quality development.

The cost of a landing page development

One of the main issues that interests everyone who plans to order a landing page is the cost of development. A limited budget does not mean that you should give up on creating your website. We will help you choose the best option that will suit you in terms of price and time of work. A well-thought-out structure, unique design, competent text, and high-quality execution cannot be too cheap. Therefore, prices for landing pages start at $150 and may increase depending on the functionality of the future site.

The price of creating a website is affected by:

  • structure and number of pages;
  • complexity and uniqueness of design;
  • additional "trigger" function in the form of pop-ups, calculators, etc.

Timing is an additional factor that determines the cost of landing page development. If you need to quickly create a site that will start generating income in the first months after launch - contact the professionals of the DevRedo team.

Landing pages development in Ukraine

The DevRedo company develops and promotes landing pages in Ukraine and abroad. We create landing pages with high conversion on CMS wordpress, which is one of the most convenient and popular systems in the world.

Our team includes programmers, designers and promotion specialists who will help you create an effective turnkey landing site for your business.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

  • guarantee of quality performance of works. Before launch, we "adjust" landing pages to the requirements of search engines, which greatly simplifies further promotion of the resource;
  • we create landing pages in a short period of time: in 10-15 days we can make a one-page site for your company;
  • before starting work, we analyze the target audience of your business, main competitors and, based on this, develop an effective development strategy;
  • great experience in creating landing pages on various topics: real estate, construction and renovation, sites for dental clinics or beauticians, pages for online courses or platforms for enrolling in training and much more;
  • a month of free support after project submission to help you figure out the site yourself.

Quality development of landing in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine includes:

  • valid "clean" error-free code to keep the site running fast and error-free;
  • careful design development, creating a pleasant visual appearance that captivates customers from the first page view;
  • thought-out usability of the site, convenient and easy-to-use functionality;
  • adaptive design of landing pages, which ensures correct display on all devices;
  • selling text - to attract the attention of the client, tell about the advantages and benefits of the product or service posted on the website.

You should also not forget about the promotion of the landing page on the Internet. It is not enough to create a site and hope that it will start generating income immediately after launch. That's why we offer our clients a comprehensive solution - turnkey development and search engine optimization of target pages.


Sometimes clients hesitate about whether a landing page or a multi-page website is better for them. A landing page is better suited for promoting a specific product or service because it focuses the user's attention on it and better encourages them to take targeted action.

The time it takes to create a landing page depends on the complexity of the design and the number of content blocks (screens) on the page. On average, landing page development takes 10 to 20 days.

Prices for creating a landing page in Ukraine start at $150 and may vary depending on several factors. Among them: the complexity of programming and the originality of the design of the future site. The cost of development also includes filling the site with content - writing texts, selecting pictures, etc.

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